For as long as I can remember, Dad always had a camera within reach. 

Whether my sisters and I were tearing open Christmas presents or playing in the front yard of our childhood home in Yokosuka, Japan, Dad was ever-ready to turn those fleeting moments into family heirlooms. The more passionate he became about photography, the more excited he was to share with me all he’d learned. Before long, I came to love his favorite hobby just as much as he did. When life led us away from each other for a little while, the images we had taken gave me a sense of closeness with my family that I treasured so much. 

And now, years later, a camera has brought us all together once again! 

After meeting my husband in the Air Force and having children of my own, I found myself reaching for the camera just like Dad used to. From first steps to sweet little smiles, I wanted to capture it all. And in our travel-loving family, there were always adventures to document! With trips to Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Germany and more, the camera was a regular travel buddy outside our home, too. Soon, I recognized that my love for storytelling through images had become so much more than a hobby. I wanted to tell the world’s love stories, and I wanted to do it full time. And what kind of older sister would I be if I didn’t invite the rest of my sisters along for the ride!

With one sister as a second shooter, another as a graphic designer, and the third as essential home base support (a.k.a. the best babysitter ever), we raced into a new phase of our lives together and launched the family business. Today, we have the wonderful privilege to tell the wedding day stories of the most amazing couples in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and beyond!

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Led by the storytelling power of light, color, and texture, we capture images that wholeheartedly immerse viewers in a moment. As you flip through your wedding album on your golden anniversary, I hope to bring the sounds, sights, and overpowering whirlwind of emotions rushing back like you’ve been magically transported back in time. To achieve this, I ensure every single photo is flooded with an intentionality and sincerity that simply can’t be manufactured. I direct even the most posed images from a place of authenticity, inviting brides slipping on their shoes to imagine the walk they are about to take down the aisle, and a groom kissing his bride’s cheek during portraits to gently whisper how much he loves her.

Most of all, I believe wedding photos are some of the most important photos you will ever take, and as such, they should always feel like a collaborative effort. I genuinely love when you text me gown ideas and outfit options for your engagement session! I look forward to walking you through the highpoints of planning a wedding day timeline and selecting vendors that will complement your style. And I can't wait to sip cocktails together as we trade love stories, admire potential centerpieces, and even share tidbits of advice on how to have the most abundant first year of marriage. Because that’s what we believe is at the heart of what we do: preserving moments from a single special day meant to lead into a deep, vibrant life together as a married couple.

When I’m not preserving a wedding day, sipping lattes with clients, or editing my latest gallery, you can probably catch me exploring our hometown with my kiddos, catching up with friends over sushi, or snuggling up with my husband and a glass of wine to watch Parks and Rec reruns. Oh, and never be too shy to ask me about my secret talents - which include playing the guitar and baking (the cinnamon sugar cookies that I made for my sisters when we were kids is my favorite recipe)!

I can’t wait to find out more about your secret talents, hear the story of how you two met, and talk about the beautiful wedding day you’re planning together - so don’t wait a second to get in touch! We are so excited to be your supporters, resources, and friends as you prepare for a new beginning with the love of your life. 

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Of course, family is everything to us! When we're not home with our little ones, we're making plans for the next big reunion. From road trips to cozy game nights, family time is our favorite.

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Our parents immigrated from the Philippines, and we spent our childhood in Japan with frequent trips to Manila to visit our extended family. Staying connected to our Asian roots has always been important to us, and we love celebrating the beauty of other cultures!

our heritage

Traveling is our happy place. Our shared love of history and beautiful landscapes draws us to culturally rich cities with stunning architecture and amazing food. Museums and historic sites are always on the itinerary when we visit a new city (along with finding the best dessert spots!). 

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We are saved by grace, and our love for Christ serves as the foundation for how we love and serve our clients. We thank God every day for giving us the ability and opportunity to show His love through our business and daily life!

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We're a military family! Dad served in the U.S. Navy for 26 years, Emilynne is a proud Navy wife, and Erinne met her husband while they were both in the Air Force.

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We're slightly Disney-obsessed. And yes, Disney+ is on every single day - not just for the kids! Busting out random trivia and singing Disney songs happens often. 

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When it comes to your wedding day, we want you to soak in every beautiful moment! As your photographer, I happily take on the responsibility of capturing your day so you can relive it for generations to come. It's so important, then, that we connect and build a relationship before I even show up on the big day! Once I get a sense of who you are as individuals and as a couple, I can truly see your wedding through your eyes, making your photos everything you want and more. 

Our love for experiences and authentic relationships drives how we serve you.

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“To any friend, I’d speak to their strengths—natural tone, authentic moments, attention to detail, beautiful compositions—but, more than anything else, I’d highlight their ability to listen, serve, and truly care.”


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Whenever Dad's in a photo, you'll typically see him like this - with a camera in hand! These lovebirds have traveled the world together for almost 40 years, and they inspire us every day through the strength and beauty of their marriage. 

Mom and Dad instilled within us a deep appreciation and love for God and family, always celebrating the big and little moments in our lives even today. Because of them, photography for us is more than just photos in a frame or album - it's a tangible way to see the beauty of the legacy we're all building together.


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