February 23, 2021


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Downtown Leesburg Engagement Session

Taylor and Caleb are some of the most special people I’ve gotten to know through this business of mine. They have an energy around them that’s so warm and joyful, meeting them for the first time felt like I was reconnecting with old friends. They drove up from Virginia Beach for a morning Downtown Leesburg engagement session (on the same day!) and I’m beyond grateful. I’m SO excited for you to see these portraits!

Their Love Story…

Taylor and Caleb met in last September when Taylor went to Caleb’s house for a game night. She was surprised when a “handsome stranger across the room boldly announced, “You’re on MY team.” upon her arrival. But, since then, they’ve been moving towards a life together, on the same team. Taylor and Caleb began talking about marriage, but Taylor insisted whatever the plan was, the proposal should be a surprise.

In the summer, Caleb planned a surprise trip to Virginia. While Taylor was occupied playing cards with his grandfather, they received a call from Caleb, “wishing he could be there.” After Caleb and his grandfather finished talking, the phone was handed to Taylor. Caleb asked Taylor to just step outside for a moment of privacy and there Caleb was!! Under twinkling lights, Caleb asked Taylor to be on his team for the rest of their lives. Taylor says she doesn’t really remember anything he said, but it doesn’t matter!!! They got married in November and I can’t wait to share their wedding day with you soon.

Downtown Leesburg Engagement Session

For their engagement portraits, we knew that we wanted to include something paying tribute to the fateful game night that changed their lives. We started our session at the Trinity House Cafe in Leesburg with coffee and Scrabble. After their car ride, the coffee was definitely needed – but you’d never know. Taylor and Caleb just light up around each other and you can’t help but feel their joy. We spent some time walking around downtown, too, finding little pockets of nature to include in their portraits. I love how relaxed and at ease they are with each other. There’s no doubt their natural love and affection were the star of their portraits!

Thank you, Taylor and Caleb, for trusting me and making my job so easy. I’m so grateful for all of my clients who go above and beyond to show their trust and belief in me – including long car rides for a good cup of coffee and walk downtown.


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