February 2, 2021


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Engagement Session in Manassas VA

Lauren and Albert’s gorgeous nature-filled Manassas Battlefield Park engagement session was one of my favorites this fall. I’m excited to be sharing it with you today! After getting engaged in over the summer, Albert and Lauren reached out about scheduling an engagement session to celebrate. With COVID halting wedding planning, they wanted to be sure they didn’t wait to document such a special time in their relationship. And I don’t blame them one bit!

Manassas Battlefield Park Engagement Session

Lauren and Alex matched on Bumble! in January 2019. After chatting for a week, they decided to meet up for some pho and to talk. Albert called it a “date” and Lauren called it a “meeting” (which made me laugh!), but it apparently didn’t go so well!!! But, the two of them gave it another shot and things quickly progressed from there! Lauren and Albert enjoy spending time together running, exploring local breweries, and watching movies.

When I was talking to Lauren and Albert, they told me they wanted something natural so we looked around the area. We finally settled on Manassas Battlefield Park and it turned out to be a DREAM location for their portraits!! Like most of my couples, they were a bit nervous and shy when they arrived… but they quickly warmed up. It was obvious the whole time how much they love each other, though! Throughout our session, I made sure to provide prompts that would allow them to focus on each other and before long, they were totally relaxed.

What they love about each other…

Albert loves how Lauren makes him “slow down and enjoy the smaller, quieter moments”. She also has a strong bond with her family, teaches him new things every day (she’s a scientist!), and isn’t shy about asking his opinion. Lauren loves that Albert “helps me calm down and reminds me to take care of myself.” She also told me “He’s the optimist to my pessimist/realist. He’s the big picture to my details. We balance each other.” Honestly, they’re just a perfect fit and I feel so honored to have gotten to know them better during their Manassas Battlefield Park engagement photos!


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